What you will experience

During your session you experience a supportive environment, along with practical help and insights geared to assist you to release long held worries, fears or beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying life and achieving your innermost desires.

  • experience a supportive environment

  • receive practical guidance to integrate your lessons into daily life

  • feel relieved

  • experience a sense of peace, purpose and renewed enthusiam for life

  • become empowered


Acupressure offers relief on many levels, physically, emotionally and mentally, often without the need for deep discussion, giving you an immediate sense of relief and regaining a feeling of balance and harmonyand wellbeing throughout your whole system.


Emotional Freedom Technique [Tapping]
Through experiencing EFT with an advanced practitioner you gain empowerment and control over your issues and a deeper insight  into how to deal with your challenges. Plus you then have a tool you can use for life in all situations. Great for weight issues, especially  for yo-yo dieters and can be used in conjunction with any weightloss programme. 
Touch for Health and Body Dialogue

Uses the wisdom of your own body to direct me the pracitioner to where I can best balance your body energy to help you back to harmony, restored energy and clarity

As your body speaks loudest to you when it is in pain and out of balance you will often find that these therapies help allieviate pain or help the effacy of other treatments you may be using for help and relief.



"I cannot thank you enough for the transition that has occurred for me over the past few months due to the consultations we've had. Your gentleness and insight in getting to the core of the issue is amazing. I could highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to make a change in any part of their lives. I thank you and my family thank you."

"Thanks Marlene,for all your help in the last few months. I cannot remember being so calm and relaxed. It would have been years since I felt like that. God it felt great! And now I have felt that, I know I want to strive for more of that feeling."

Chakra Clearing

Working with the Chakras [energy centres] in your body cleanses your energy system and clears other energies from your space, helping you on all levels to feel more alive more in control and happier. Chakra clearing also helps with the release of old patterns and habits.


Soul Reading and Intuitive Counselling
The Soul Memory Healings  that I do will be different to other healing or 'readings' you may have had.

If you were to work with me here are a few things you would see yourself getting....

A Sense of Understanding why your life is how it is ...what you are choosing in your life...and how to bring about a happier,easier life by tuning into your soul purpose.


Energy Treatment $110

Initial Consultation:  [ allow 1.5 hours]

  • Experience a supportive environment

  •  Energy Balance [Touch for Health, Body Dialogue, EFT Chakra Clearing, Accupressure]

  • Intuitive Counselling

  • Advice on /lifestyle/wellbeing

  • receive practical guidance to integrate your lessons into daily life

  • Plan for course of treatment

  •  Educational materials

Active Maintenance Programme: Regular 4 to 6 weekly

Energy Balances prepaid $75 [allow 1 hour]

Emotional Freedom Technique[Tapping] 

Dedicated session $85 [allow 1 hour]

Soul Memory Healing: $120 [allow 1.5 hours]

  • a list of qualities that you have developed that you need to keep

  • aspects of your character you can let go of

  • qualities that your soul needs you to develop

  • what light ray you embody

  • chakra clearing

  • advice on timing/lifestyle/wellbeing

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