• Marlene Rose

Conscious Intention

Consciously intend to create your life.

Begin right where you are!

Start first thing in the morning by intending to have a wonderful day.

Finish your day at night by consciously intending to have a great night's sleep.

Intend to find parking places, green lights and helpful people.

"Energy flows where your attention and intention goes."

#Energy and #intentions affect everyone and everything

Even the Earth itself.

Create from Love by asking yourself the question

What would love do?

Intend to only accept #LovingEnergy into your life.

When have you been aware of consciously intending to respond to people and events and even yourself with love?

How would love fix this?

Love - as in the highest expression of your Soul.

If you've never thought of it this way, don't judge yourself.

Intend to do better and celebrate when you do.

Simply send love to yourself on a daily basis.

All the rest follows.

photo Nathan Dumlao

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