• Marlene Rose

Acceptance gives us Grace.

Such an old fashioned word 'Grace'. Meaning smoothness or elegance of movement. The essence of the saying 'going with the flow'.

So how does acceptance give us this ease...this flow state?

Start from a point of Acceptance.

Embrace and integrate your Experiences.

All of them have value.

Simply acknowledge, as if viewing your life on a screen, all that is happening to you and has happened to you.

Don't remember how you used to feel and have always felt.

Choose how you would feel, if you felt differently about it.

Ask yourself does the experience want you to now choose a different outcome? And how would that different outcome feel? Are you pushing away something or trying too hard to pull it towards you? Set a Course for Smooth Sailing.

Then Deliberately choose how to feel about it. Right at this moment. In this present time. Now. No matter what is going on in your world, you only have this present moment.

Linked to Soul Dimensions by Julie Stuart & Marlene Rose

smooth sailing

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