Clearing your Energy Field

As we go about the business of Life we tend to collect remnants of other peoples energies in our own energy field [ think of it like traces of DNA.]

After a while and especially if we are involved emotionally with some people we tend to become overwhelmed by these ' collected' energies and often wonder why we feel so 

  • tired

  • overwhelmed

  • unable to pick ourselves up

Clearing your Energy field is easy and effortless 

  • Exercise regularly. Preferably out in nature

  • Take relaxing baths with essential oils or scented candles. [a couple of spoons of washing soda also added works well]

  • When you shower imagine the water cleansing right through your whole body, mind and spirit.

  • Enjoy Sunshine at the cooler times of the day and again let the sun warm right through you. Imagine all the colours in the light that you cannot see working through your energy field. Especially the colour you are most drawn to on the day.

  • Go to the beach and let the negative ions there cleanse you and lift your mood.