Hi I’m Marlene


I help people who are searching for ways to live better, and to take control, so they have the ability to flow through life no matter what obstacles they face. 


People who perhaps experience feelings of overwhelm, high levels of anxiety or worse suffer from panic attacks.


Using a variety of specialised energy therapies such as tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Kinesiology and Intuitive Counselling, I re-balance their energy system, so they can experience clarity of mind, renewed energy and immense physical and emotional relief.


Because of my own journey and using the power of these therapies, to move from fearful to confident and empowered, I’m now dedicated to assisting others to do the same.


Unlike most therapy sessions, I tap into my intuition and that of my clients, in order to connect and heal at a deeper level, and achieve a completely transformational outcome.

I love the symbol of the Butterfly because it speaks so clearly to me of the ability to transform.


Nothing gives me more joy and fulfilment than seeing my clients thrive, and to take them beyond  where they thought they could go.

Marlene Rose

NLK-Neurolonguistic Kinesiology. TFH- Touch for Health. EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. Accupressure

Reike Master.  



What you will experience.

During your session you experience a supportive environment, along with practical help and insights geared to assist you to release long held worries, fears or beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying life and achieving your innermost desires.

  • experience a supportive environment

  • receive practical guidance to integrate your lessons into daily life

  • feel relieved

  • experience a sense of peace, purpose and renewed enthusiam for life

  • become empowered

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